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Marlboro School District FY 23 Proposed Annual Budget
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Marlboro School Directors Report 2022.docx
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Marlboro School Equity Policy - Adopted June 17, 2021

The Marlboro School Board supports the Black Lives Matter Movement and Social Justice for all

Dear Marlboro Community Members,

In support of the current protests nationwide, we are proud that some of our Marlboro School alumni have requested to place Black Lives Matter signs along the school fence on Route 9. We support the placement of these signs.

We are also proud that current students have requested that we fly a Black Lives Matter flag and an LGBTQ+ Pride flag on the flagpole below our National and State flags at the school. We support the flying of these flags.

Marlboro students are showing the leadership and courage that it will take to help root out racism and prejudice in our civil society through their actions, recognition and conversation. We applaud them and encourage them to continue to learn how to create social justices within our community and the world.


The Marlboro School Board