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Important Notice of Changes to School Start Times

Now that we are in school with all classes Tuesday-Friday and have had a chance to observe how arrival with health screenings and physical distancing is working, we would like to make a small adjustment to arrival times. Pre-K and Kindergarten students arrive at 8:30.

Please do not drop off before 8:30 am

Arrival/Drop-off time changes

8:30 Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grades 5-8

8:40 Grades 1-4

Families dropping off students in multiple grades shall use the arrival time of the youngest child.

It is important that students arrive on time.

If it is after 8:45 please have your child come in through the front entrance and check in at the office.

Departure/Pick up times are the same:

12:30 Pre-K

2:15 Kindergarten - Grade 2

2:20 Grades 3-4

2:30 Grades 5-8

Please meet your child at the fence. Children should be accompanied by an adult in the parking lot during arrival & dismissal times.

Welcome to New Staff and Familiar Faces

Dear Marlboro School Community,
While the circumstances are not excellent, and my own daughter already misses Rachel, I am delighted to be able to join Jesslyn and the other MES staff during Rachel's absence to support your Junior High kids on their academic journeys. Many of you know me, but I thought I would reach out with my teacher hat on to let you know that I am feeling extremely positive about stepping in at this time to work with the kids. Middle school is my absolute favorite age to work with, and Literature and Social Studies are my most beloved subjects - it is also where I have most of my classroom experience. I look forward to getting to know the children in the breadth of their capacity as thinkers, makers, and learners, and to embark on this period of discovery together.
I am aware that the process of bringing me on board - and in fact, many things these days - happened very rapidly, which might feel jarring to some folks. I am certainly scrambling to catch up to my own feet! My central goal while stepping in for Rachel is to be a positive, collaborative, communicative, grounded, and supportive presence in the school, even as my focus remains in the Junior High. I am maintaining my current commitments to the Vermont Wilderness School as a field program co-director and school liaison, and for that reason will not be available on Mondays, or on Friday afternoons. However, I am confident that I can be fully present for the staff, families, and children as much as is needed.
If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to my time with the students!
Warmly,Ani Schaeffer

Sarah Lavigne

Sarah Lavigne here. So I had a fun little adventure of getting to work for L&G since February. Mostly all remote. I met lots of great students and teachers. But it was like the country mouse moving to the city! This summer I had lots of me time and studied herbal medicine and took a print making class.

I am so happy to be back at MES.

Nicole Del Bene

Nicole Del Bene has joined our South El community as a teaching assistant. She comes to us from Austin Texas and just recently moved to this area due to a Marlboro connection. For much of her career, she was a ballet dancer and for the last few years taught ballet to all ages of children. We are very excited she decided to bring her warm, caring and calm demeanor to our community and work with our students.

Friday Note 10/23/20
Friday Notes 10 23- flu clinics

A Peek Inside School Today


El North

El South

Junior High

“Our school environment resolves itself, consequently, into our beliefs about how children grow.“ ~ Lucy Sprague Mitchell, founder of Bureau of Experimental Education, a Lab for Public Schools & Bank Street College of Education, 1916, NYC

In the shadow of the pandemic, and in light the dream for the Marlboro School Expansion, Marlboro School Staff has faced the challenge of teaching in safe, creative spaces. MES’ indoors and outdoors is teaming with physically distanced activity! On Fridays, you will find PK and K Rhythms in the Big Tent. Photos of “The Lumbar Twist” that all baseball and football players practice. But here, to music!

In place and in space,

Kate Tarlow Morgan, Rhythms Teacher

Primary - Leaf Project

Spending time with the book in the forest

Primary - Leaf Project

Hi Families,

I’m sharing a video I made for parents about mask use and care, that I had intended to share with you before school started, but ran into some technical difficulties. The students have done a good job this week trying to adhere to our new mask, distancing and hand washing guidelines. We still have some work to do, but I would say our first week was largely a success! Please watch this video and make sure your students' masks are meeting our requirements.

Have a great weekend!

Nurse Sara

Mask tip video.MOV

Principal: Wayne Kermenski,

Administrative Assistant: Gail Chaine

Nurse: Sara Sherritt

Guidance Counselor: Tom Hudak "Mr. H"

Special Education: Erin Crespo

Facilities Manager: Aaron Walsh

Food Service: Emily Falta

Librarian/Technology Integration Rochelle Garfinkel: