Calendar of Events

June 15thLast Student Day NOON DISMISSAL
June 17thSchool Board Meeting 6 pmin person at Marlboro School
Sept 1stFirst Student Day
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Graduation 2021

Note from Wayne

Marlboro School Friday Note- 6/4/21

8th Grade Graduation:

What a perfect graduation last night with Muster Field proving to be an exceptional venue. It was also a sign of returning back to social gatherings, with about 100 people in attendance. Thank you to the JH students, Ani, Jesslyn and Rachel for making this celebration special. As always, it is bittersweet for us and we will dearly miss all 11 graduates.

Reminder: WCSU/Marlboro School Climate Survey:

Please complete this short and very helpful survey. Information from this survey will be used to guide future decisions at our school. Thank you!


Returning ITEMS:

If you have any library books, chromebooks or anything else from the school, please return them next week. Thank You!

School Board Meeting next Thursday, June 17th.

The meeting will start at 5:00 with the renovation architects, followed by the monthly board meeting starting at 6:00. A few items on the agenda are: next year’s staffing, increasing enrollment numbers, building needs, purchasing a yurt for an additional classroom and summer retreat plans. Hope to see you there!



Jamie Sheffield ( who rescues tortoises) was moved by the willingness of Marlboro students to collect dandelions, purple clovers and other wild plants to help feed his rescued tortoises that he offered to bring some of the tortoises to the school for the students to learn about and meet. The afternoon was a huge success!

Jamie stated, “It was a ton of fun. They had great questions, were respectful, gentle with the tortoises and great listeners.”

I am so proud of all our students, not only for their philanthropy, but their ability to shine in many educational settings.

Elizabeth Motta M.Ed

School Hours

Arrival Time: 8:30 -8:40 Classes start 8:45 (please do not drop off students before 8:30)Dismissal Time: Monday Pick-up 1:00 pm (Pre-K at 1:10 pm) * Buses leave at 1:05Tuesday - Friday Pick-up 2:15 -2:30 pm * Classes end at 2:15 * Buses leave at 2:30

UPDATE: Due to low enrollment the following offerings will not run

Week 1 - Marlboro Chronicle

Week 2-Pump Track

Week 3-Olympians

Week 4 - Wild Words

All the other programs will run. There will be more information regarding the programs coming next week.

Marlboro School Summer Program

Camp Black Bear for Marlboro Residents

Join Marlboro School teachers and staff during four weeks of playful summer learning and fun!

Mornings - 8:30-12:00

Week 1 July 5-8

Fractured Fairy Tales (21-22 Grades 1-3)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Goldilocks entered the home of The Three Lazy Labradoodles? Or, if The Gingerbread Man was actually The Undercover Magic Marshmallow Man? Explore the untold worlds of Fractured Fairy Tales through storytelling, acting, and lots of laughs!

Campfire Cooking (21-22 Grads 4-6)

Do you love cooking? How about campfire cooking! This week we will learn some recipes to wow your families and friends around a campfire. We will gather all the recipes tasted over the week and create a collection to share with families. Explore the world of cooking.

Week 2 July 12-15

Fantasy Theater (21-22 Grades 1-3)

Continue on into the world of storytelling and theater where we will use writing prompts, storyboards, design and costumes to create fantasy stories based on actual “What-if” questions. “What if you return from school one day to find a mysterious package in your room with a brightly colored question mark on it?”

Among Us (21-22 Grades 4-6)

An imposter is among us. Based on the popular game ‘Among Us’ we will spend the week getting clues, solving puzzles and cracking codes to get us closer to solving the mystery . Could it be you? Come join us this week and find out?

Building a Bicycle Pump Track (21-22 Grades 7-9) SORRY, THIS OFFERING WILL NOT BE RUNNING

Week 3 July 19-22

Pirate Play (21-22 Grades 1-3)

Have you ever wished you could be a pirate, talk and act like a pirate? We will uncover the secret life of pirates this week while we search for clues to find the hidden treasure by week’s end! What is it, and where could it be??

All about Birds (21-22 Grades 4-6)

Have you ever wondered how a bird chooses a birdhouse? Are there bird rules about moving into a birdhouse? How can we attract birds? This week is all about birds. We will learn bird jokes, make bird feeders, draw and study types of birds, bird watching and building bird houses. What kind of bird works at a construction site? A crane!

What does it take to be an Olympian? (21-22 Grades 6-9) SORRY, THIS OFFERING WILL NOT BE RUNNING

In honor of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, we’ll be learning about what it takes to be an Olympian-- the most elite athletes in the world. We’ll learn abouts systems of the body, how Olympians train and fuel their bodies, and common sports injuries. We will also learn and practice different stretches, exercises, and Track & Field events.

Week 4 July 26-29

Science Week (21-22 Grades 1-3)

Enter into the world of Science as we make real volcanoes, sticky slime, and lava lamps! We will explore our senses and become observers of this fantastic and wondrous world of creation and experimentation!

Paper Creations (21-22 Grades 4-6)

Paper is among the top essential materials for any type of art making. This week we will honor all things paper and all the many possible art forms. From how to make our own paper, to marbling paper, and making a journal. We will also explore some paper creations and origami art.


For creative thinkers, storymakers, and nature lovers! We’ll spend the week outdoors in the woods exploring the natural world together, making writing supplies and ink from natural materials and trying all kinds of writing. This will include drawing, poetrymaking, graphic novels, narratives, activist essays, theater, and much more.

The morning portion of camp is FREE due to COVID relief grant funds.

Afternoon - 12:00-3:30

Afternoon activities are a continuation of the morning sessions and will include field games, arts and crafts, water play, and forest fun!

Fee Schedule

$100 per week

$25/week for families who qualify for free/reduced lunch

* Scholarships are available by request please email

Please apply to Marlboro Alliance for their summer program scholarship SEE BELOW.

Young Pioneers on the Oregon Trail

The mission of Marlboro School is to develop personal growth, creative problem solving, and diverse means of communication in students so that they are knowledgeable stewards of their communities at home and abroad.

Principal: Wayne Kermenski

Administrative Assistant: Gail Chaine

Nurse: Sara Sherritt

Guidance Counselor: Elizabeth Motta

Special Education: Erin Crespo

Facilities Manager: Aaron Walsh

Food Service: Elizabeth Sisk

Librarian/Technology Integration Rochelle Garfinkel