You can now request books from the school library!

Use the form below to request new books from the library. Each Friday Rochelle will gather up your requests and help get them to you with a lunch delivery or individual pickup.

1. Look in our library catalog (or use the "surprise me" option in the form).

2. Search for a book or books that you would like to read and see if it is available AT our school. (See video below of how to do this.)

3. Fill out the form with the title and author of those book(s).

4. Wait for an email from Rochelle about when your book is being delivered with lunch or is ready for pickup at school.

5. READ and ENJOY!!! 😊

WATCH: How to search for books in the school library

Wondering about returns?

There is a big red bin outside the front door at school. Just gather up your library books and put them there. (And if you need someone to pick them up instead, let Rochelle know).